Canada-US AI Symposium on Economic Innovation

Jan. 16 / 20

MaRS Centre
Toronto, ON





The Symposium will explore how innovative approaches to public policy can support the development of competitive AI strategies, while mitigating potential societal risks, such as privacy, equity, cybersecurity and labour market disruption. CIFAR will bring together experts in areas of economics, technology, public policy and governance from Canada and the US to discuss the intersection of these themes, and what lessons can be learned from both sides of the border.

The Symposium consists of two parts: a workshop (by invitation only) and a half-day public forum.


About the workshop: The workshop will consist of approximately 25 Canadian and US experts from academia, industry, and policy and will allow for in-depth conversation on specific topics related to the above-mentioned theme, guided by Chatham House rules. The goal is to identify actionable opportunities for new cross-border collaborations.

Public forum: The half-day public forum will provide an opportunity to stimulate a broader conversation with a cross-sectoral audience and share, where possible, the outcomes of the workshop to a wider audience from industry and government. This event is open to members of the public. Register.

Who should attend:

  • Policymakers and civil servants
  • Students and educators
  • Academics and researchers
  • Industry representatives
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Technologists and computer scientists
  • Civil society
Agenda & speakers to come