CHANGE MAKERS   Past event

Change Makers Social Identity: The Creative Power of Groups to Improve Community Well-Being

Feb 5, 2015

8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Chateau Lacombe Hotel
Edmonton, Alberta






Having a sense of social identity has been shown to enhance our resilience to life challenges, benefitting our overall health and well-being – an outcome that is particularly evident among vulnerable populations.

Three leading experts from CIFAR’s program in Social Interactions, Identity and Well-being presented insights from their latest research on how we can think strategically about the power of belonging to develop strategies for tackling some of our toughest social challenges. In addition, three community leaders provided their insights based on experience mobilizing community action.

The CIFAR fellows were:

  • Alexander Haslam (University of Queensland);
  • Catherine Haslam (University of Queensland); and
  • Robert Oxoby (University of Calgary).

The community panelists were:

  • Martin Garber-Conrad (CEO, Edmonton Community Foundation);
  • Allan Undheim (VP Community Building and Investment, United Way of Alberta Capital Region); and
  • Franco Savoia (Co-Chair – Alberta Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness & Director of Vibrant Communities Calgary).

Presentations were followed by a moderated Q&A panel and focused breakout sessions where community leaders and researchers explored more deeply how to turn insights into action on the ground.



Alexander Haslam
School of Psychology
University of Queensland

Catherine Haslam
School of Psychology
University of Queensland
Bio Outline

Martin Garber-Conrad
Edmonton Community Foundation
Bio Outline

Franco Savoia
Alberta Inter Agency Council on Homelessness
Vibrant Communities Calgary, Co-Chair
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Allan Undheim
Vice President, Community Building and Investment
United Way of the Alberta Capital Region
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