Inheriting emotional trauma

October 1, 2020
3:30 PM EST (30 min)

Virtual Meeting




The latest research suggests that many animals, including humans, pass trauma on to their children through epigenetic markers. Knowing this, could the pandemic trauma of lost lives, jobs, and opportunities have effects that ripple through generations? Join CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar alumnus Brian Dias (University of Southern California), now an associate fellow in CIFAR’s Child & Brain Development program, as he discusses the latest findings from his research on intergenerational trauma. 

Brian Dias is an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. He is an alumnus of the CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar program and an associate fellow in CIFAR’s Child & Brain Development program. He is interested in how the nervous system is impacted by stress or trauma, and how parental legacies of stress or trauma influence offspring by leaving imprints on the parental germline (sperm and egg). Most of his work uses mice, but generous collaborators have enabled Dias and his team to begin investigating the biological basis of behavioural states and neuropsychiatric disorders in non-human primates and in humans, in multi-generational contexts.