Event Information

Start Date:2017/12/07
End Date:2017/12/10
Location:Montebello, Quebec, Canada

The CIFAR Neuroscience of Consciousness Winter School is a unique, four-day event where tomorrow’s neuroscience leaders work closely with world-class researchers studying the neuroscience of consciousness.

Successful applicants will:

  • Participate in interactive lectures from 8 top scientists
  • Work in small groups led by one of the lecturers to draft a proposal for a review article. Top proposals will be selected to move forward to become full drafts for publication.
  • Engage and socialize with peers and colleagues in an idyllic setting.
  • Receive two intense workshops on science communication including:
  • Presentation skills bootcamp
  • Effective science writing

Lecture topics will offer a diversity of perspectives on consciousness including: neuroimaging/biomarkers, philosophy, computational approaches, and animal models.

Confirmed lecturers will include: Tim Bayne, Jacqueline Gottlieb, Aniruddh Patel, Anil Seth, Sandra Waxman, Melanie Wilke, Robert Zatorre, amongst others.

Interested applicants must be senior (3rd year or later) PhD students, or post-docs. Applicants are required to submit a CV as well as a 1-page discussion of their research that details how the winter school would benefit their future scientific careers. All expenses will be paid for successful applicants.

Applications must be received by August 14th, and should be sent, in a single PDF to applications@cifar.ca.

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