WORKSHOP   Past event

Cyber-Infrastructure in Advanced Research: Needs, Challenges and Opportunities

May 14, 2012  






On May 14 and 15, 2012, CIFAR hosted a small and focused workshop on cyber-infrastructure in advanced research in Ottawa, Ontario.


This workshop, entitled “Cyber-Infrastructure in Advanced Research: Needs, Challenges and Opportunities” brought together a multi-disciplinary and selected group of CIFAR and external researchers, policy makers and a few international thought leaders on this topic to discuss how the Canadian advanced research community is currently being served in terms of computational resources, what the future computing needs are for advanced researchers across a broad range of disciplines and what the opportunities are for Canada in successfully positioning itself in order to meet those needs. The discussions and ideas that arose from this workshop were developed into a report which will add significant value to the on-going national dialogue on this important topic.