Event Information

Start Date:2014/11/06
Start Time:6:30 PM
Location:Omni King Edward Hotel, 37 King St, E, Toronto

An audience of CIFAR supporters heard about four ambitious new proposals to answer questions about the brain and consciousness, the microbiome, biologically inspired solar energy, and the molecular basis of life.

The Nov. 6 event, “Four Questions to Change the World,” brought together speakers from proposed programs selected through CIFAR’s Global Call for Ideas.

Ted Sargent (University of Toronto) spoke about using the lessons of biology to create more efficient forms of energy. Adrian Owen (Western University) discussed the problem of understanding how consciousness arises in the human brain. B. Brett Finlay (University of British Columbia) talked about the importance of the microbes that live around and within us in affecting human health, development and evolution. And Oliver P. Ernst (University of Toronto) discussed the fundamental questions about how molecular processes give rise to living systems.

The event at Toronto’s King Edward Hotel was also attended by His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and CIFAR Patron.

“This organization exists to connect top researchers from Canada and around the world, and I am simply delighted to see you moving into an ambitious new phase today,” he said in his remarks.



Photo of B. Brett Finlay

B. Brett Finlay University of British Columbia,
Photo of Edward Sargent

Edward Sargent University of Toronto, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Photo of Oliver Ernst

Oliver Ernst University of Toronto, Department of Biochemistry
Photo of Melvyn Goodale

Melvyn Goodale Western University, The Brain and Mind Institute
Photo of Adrian M Owen

Adrian M Owen Western University, The Brain and Mind Institute

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