EXCHANGE   Roundtable

Ion Selective Membranes in CO2 Electrolysis

May 15 / 19   

Pittsburg, PA

Participation is by invitation-only.




The efficient reduction of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by an electrolyzer device has the potential to simultaneously reduce our carbon footprint, while contributing to the production of higher-value chemicals.  The process of CO2 reduction has been known since the 19th century; however, it has largely remained inefficient as selectivity and energy efficiency is modest.


On May 15th, CIFAR fellows from the Bio Inspired Solar Energy research program will convene with international thought leaders in academia and industry to discuss developments in new polymeric membranes and ionomers that are tailored specifically for the CO2 reduction reaction.  This invitation-only gathering will promote discussion of ion selective membranes as a key component of CO2 electrolyzers. Conductivity, ion selectivity, product permeability and chemical modifications are topics for exploration in order to achieve highly efficient and stable CO2 conversion/reduction devices and address carbon conversion challenges.  Contributions on recent research results dealing with fundamental and applied work in any area of ion exchange membrane development will be the focus.

This CIFAR Exchange is the first in a series of roundtables focusing on various limiting factors in carbon conversion technologies.

Supported by: 

- Calgary Foundation
- Chisholm Thomson Family Foundation
- Ivey Foundation
- Max Bell Foundation
- Metcalf Foundation