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Microbiome in Public Health: Laying a Foundation for a New Curriculum

Mar. 11 / 20

Virtual Meeting





Research on the human microbiome is evolving at a rapid pace, disrupting our understanding of healthy development and aging. Knowing how the human microbiome is impacted by factors such as environment, nutrition, and cultural practices will be important to ensuring the effective delivery of evidence-based public health practices. Educating the next generation of health practitioners on this new knowledge will therefore be essential.

In March 2020, global experts in microbiome research from CIFAR’s program in Humans & the Microbiome program will come together with senior leaders of Canadian and US public health schools for a roundtable discussion on Microbiome in Public Health: Laying a Foundation for a New Curriculum. This in depth discussion will explore how the human microbiome shapes health and disease across the lifespan, its relevance to issues being taught across public health school programs and why integrating this knowledge into public health curricula is so essential at this time.

This conversation will aim to identify actionable and collaborative opportunities for public health curriculum development.