EXCHANGE   Roundtable

Perceptions of Deservingness & Persistent Social Inequalities

Feb 22 / 19

Ottawa, ON


 Participation is by invitation-only.




How do our judgements of “who deserves what” influence our support for redistribution efforts? How do perceptions of social cohesion affect our belief that our systems are fair? How do persisting social inequalities interface with economic inequalities?


CIFAR’s program in Successful Societies explores inequalities through interconnecting cultural, social, psychological, and economic dimensions. Program fellows’ research insights have rich implications for policymakers grappling with inequalities that persist across communities, regions, and generations.

CIFAR has been invited to present to the Government of Canada’s Deputy Minister Task Force on Diversity and Inclusiveness with CIFAR Fellows Will Kymlicka, Paige Raibmon, Leanne Son Hing, and Anne Wilson to highlight findings of the Successful Societies program and engage in discussion about the drivers of persistent inequalities in Canada. This engagement aims to help Canada’s senior policymakers integrate emerging research on inequalities with efforts to address society’s complex challenges.

This Exchange in Public Policy is the first meeting in a three-part CIFAR Exchange mobilizing collective insights of Successful Societies as shared in a Fall 2019 special edition of Daedalus, Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.