Seminar on Building Resilience in a Age of Crisis

Nov 9, 2010

York University,
Hennick Centre for Business and Law





In November 2010, CIFAR hosted in collaboration with York University’s Hennick Centre for Business and Law a seminar addressing how organizations deal with and attempt to manage crisis.


When Lehman Brothers failed, was it a failure of corporate risk management, or corporate crisis management, or both? Did BP properly plan for the crisis created by the run-away Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico? It has become clear that not having adequate risk-management systems and acting accordingly can lead to a downturn in public confidence, and can easily become viral. This event involved a public seminar drawing 150 participants, and then a private consultation involving Daniel Diermeier, Fellow of CIFAR’s Institutions, Organizations and Growth program and several key public figures with a number of private and public sector leaders.

In partnership with:
York University’s Hennick Centre for Business and Law