The Human Microbiome & Public Health: Supporting Healthy Development and Aging

Sept 25 / 18  

Toronto, Canada





How will a better understanding of the human microbiome drive new and effective strategies for supporting healthy development and aging?

Research into the human microbiome is evolving at a rapid pace, disrupting our established understanding of healthy development and aging. CIFAR Fellows in Humans & the Microbiome are at the forefront of this knowledge, integrating microbiology with societal insights to better understand health across the lifespan. Ensuring the evidence and emerging evidence on the microbiome is integrated into current medical and public health programs, practices and policies will ensure our health system is best prepared for the future of this area of research.


CIFAR Fellows and thought leaders in public health and medicine will convene for a roundtable discussion to explore key questions in public health that will have the power to transform our health in the future.

  • What roles does the microbiome play in development, from childhood to aging?

  • How do these roles impact chronic disease development - a major public health priority?

  • How do primary built environments during childhood and aging - such as daycares and long-term care homes - affect the microbiome and development?

  • How can collaborations between public health & medical leaders and microbiome researchers leverage this knowledge to drive healthy development throughout life?

The meeting is by invitation only. Please contact for more information.

The roundtable is held in partnership between CIFAR and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

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