EXCHANGE  Roundtable

Towards Making a Molecular Map of the Cell: the Ultimate Limit to Drug Discovery

April 15 / 19

Montreal, QC


Participation is by invitation-only.




How will a molecular level-understanding of the cell in spatial and temporal terms contribute to our understanding of pathological processes, development of diagnostic methods and tools, and guide the discovery of drug targets and drugs?


On April 15th, CIFAR fellows in the Molecular Architecture of Life (MAL) research program will come together with global research leaders from Pharma, Medical Diagnostic and Scientific Instrumentation companies to discuss the latest technological advances, both existing and required, to generate a map of the cell.   This conversation will leverage the extensive scientific experience of researchers in the MAL program, and work towards untangling the dynamic processes of live cells. This gathering will clarify technological requirements to produce a map of the cell, and work towards an understanding at the molecular/atomic levels of the processes underlying normal and pathological conditions, which will ultimately help inform drug discovery and disease detection.

This CIFAR Exchange will build on the success of a 2018 MAL Roundtable, titled a “Vision for a new Frontier in Drug Discovery”.