Sandra Waxman

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  • Boursière associée
  • Cerveau, esprit et conscience


  • Université Northwestern
Psychologie, Institute for Policy Research


  • États Unis


Ph.D., Université de Pennsylvanie
M.A., Université John Hopkins
B.S., Université de Pennsylvanie

Publications Pertinentes

Perszyk, D.R., and Waxman, S.R. « Linking Language and Cognition in Infancy. » Annual Review of Psychology, 69 (2018): 231-250.

Ferguson, B., Franconeri, S., and Waxman, S. « Very young infants learn abstract rules in the visual modality. » PLoS ONE, 13(1) (2018): e019018.

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Herrmann, P.,  Waxman, S. R.,  & Medin, D. L. « Anthropocentrism is not the first step in children's reasoning about the natural world. » Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107(22) (2010): 9979-9984. 

Hall, D. G., and Waxman, S. R. (Eds.) From many strands: Weaving a lexicon. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2004.

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