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A New Opportunity for Early Career Investigators

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program provides funding and support to help scholars build their network and develop essential skills to become the next generation of research leaders. Researchers within five years of their first academic appointment from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply.



Global Women in Science Leadership Workshop

An intensive workshop bringing exceptional women leaders together with early-career academics from across the globe to develop the next generation of thought leaders.



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Interdisciplinary Interactions

Tomorrow’s research leaders will play an important role in addressing the complex challenges facing humanity by transcending disciplinary boundaries. The most exciting research questions will require scholars who can move beyond their own research areas and take a fresh look at a problem. CIFAR is helping our early career researchers think and work outside their silos.

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Leadership Skills Development

Tomorrow’s research leaders will face all the demands and competitive realities that their academic careers encompass by developing key management and communication skills. These early years provide a unique opportunity to form the foundation of their leadership approach in years to come. CIFAR is helping this promising group of young researchers develop the tool set they will need to succeed.

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Engagement in Global Communities

Tomorrow’s research leaders will be innovative thought leaders outside academia by engaging with key constituents in their communities around the world. To do this, young researchers need opportunities to interact with key thought leaders outside of their traditional milieus. CIFAR is positioning our early career researchers as leaders within their own, and global, communities.

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