CIFAR convenes extraordinary minds to address science and humanity’s most important questions.

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CIFAR is a Canadian-based, global charitable organization that convenes extraordinary minds to address science and humanity’s most important questions.

By supporting long-term interdisciplinary collaboration, CIFAR provides researchers with an unparalleled environment of trust, transparency and knowledge sharing. Our time-tested model inspires new directions of inquiry, accelerates discovery and yields breakthroughs across borders and academic disciplines. Through knowledge mobilization, we are catalysts for change in industry, government and society. CIFAR’s community of fellows includes 19 Nobel laureates and more than 400 researchers from 22 countries. In 2017, the Government of Canada appointed CIFAR to develop and lead the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the world's first national AI strategy.

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Monitoring accountability of social institutions to children's development

Feb 6 / 14
Concentric layers of environments contribute to the developmental outcome of the early years.

Therefore the quality of children’s experiences within these environments is to be safeguarded. In this presentation, Ziba Vaghri (University of British Columbia) shares insights on how the Early Childhood Rights Indicators, a tool developed based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, can be used to monitor the way social institutions are upholding their accountability to young children through the commitments they make, the processes that act on these commitments, and the collective impact these commitments and processes have on children's health, development and well-being.

A presentation by Ziba Vaghri at the From Cell to Society symposium Feb. 6, 2014.