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Plant protective mechanism could lead to improved solar technology

Just one hour of sunlight disperses more energy on the earth’s surface than is consumed by humans over an entire...

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The Role of Regulation in Inducing Clean Energy Adoption

The public’s adoption of clean energy is often contingent on political leadership, and the institutional and economic environment of the...

Bio-inspired Solar Energy | Policy Analytics

The Sustainability of Global Energy Consumption Demand and Supply Needs

Future global energy consumption demands and supply needs are unsustainable and the current rate of basic research is unable to...

Bio-inspired Solar Energy | Policy Analytics

The Future of Basic and Applied Energy Research

Despite an appetite for clean energy transition, the attendant challenge is to make these technologies successfully competitive compared to traditional...

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Introducing the Future of Research

Three members of the inaugural group of CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars spoke to an invited audience about their work and...

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Improved technique converts CO2 to green fuel

The world needs more fuel and less atmospheric carbon dioxide – and new research by Edward Sargent and his team...

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Here comes the sun

THE EARTH is bathed in a constant stream of energy from the sun. This energy is responsible for moving gigantic...

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