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Sequencing the Canadian beaver genome

Canadian scientists have taken a deep look at one of their country’s most iconic animals using a technique poised to...

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CIFAR fellow on team that wins $75 million to fight heart disease

CIFAR Senior Fellow Frederick Roth is a member of an international team that received the $75 million One Brave Idea Research...

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The genetic wiring of cellular life

A landmark study reveals the genetic interactions that control the function of the yeast cell, and promises to provide insight...

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Discovering how genes interact to produce autism

By working in interdisciplinary teams, researchers are able to shape new frameworks of understanding. This case study shows how the...

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Using yeast to hunt down bad mutations

Yeast can be used to identify which genetic mutations cause disease, a new study has found. The work will help...

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Disease-causing mutations are discovered in unexplored regions of the genome

Transformational new possibilities are opening up for medicine. The human splicing code reveals unexpected insights into the genetic origins of...

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Gene-editing finds vulnerabilities in cancer cells

Researchers have exposed the weak points of several types of cancer using a gene-editing technique that can turn genes on...

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Maclean’s | Researchers herald a game-changer in cancer treatment

by Kate Lunau, Maclean’s Cancer begins when the genes in a cell are mutated, causing cells to multiply like a...

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