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Yeast found in the gut linked to asthma

Yeast has joined the list of gut microbes that play a role in driving diseases like asthma. In a study...

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Following her gut instinct

How CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar Corinne Maurice found her way into a new field Corinne Maurice had just earned a...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Mummy DNA reveals recent history of smallpox

The 17th century Dominican Church of the Holy Spirit is one of the oldest in Vilnius, Lithuania. Tourists and parishioners...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Gut microbe ‘memory’ of obesity brings weight back

Weight may come and go but the gut microbiome doesn’t easily forget. A recent paper in Nature found that the...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Q & A: Let Them Eat Dirt

Improvements in hygiene and the development of antibiotics made huge improvements in health over the 20th century. But B. Brett...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Putting the squeeze on gut microbes

Researchers increasingly recognize that the microbes that colonize our guts play an important role in health and development. New research...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Robogut: a new generation of sequencing

CIFAR Senior Fellow & Program Director Brett Finlay presents on the human microbiome at a Public Salon event organized by...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

Missing bacteria linked with asthma

Children who are lacking four specific kinds of gut bacteria at three months of age are much more likely to...

Humans & the Microbiome | News

CIFAR researcher and Board members appointed to the Order of Canada

CIFAR Senior Fellow Janet Rossant and Board Members Stephen Toope and James Dinning have been honoured for their scholarship, leadership,...

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