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Research Brief | Child & Brain Development

Poverty and neglect are bad for the brain — but could lasting effects be avoided?

Childhood adversity leaves tangible and long-lasting marks on the developing brain that could lead to lifelong health and psychological problems....

News | Successful Societies

Poverty, ethics and discrimination: How culture plays into cognitive research

Cognitive psychology examines how people view the world and what drives them to behave a certain way. These everyday decisions...

Symposium Debrief | Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being

Psychology of Giving Brief

On October 4th, 2016, CIFAR, in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, held a Change Makers dialogue that explored the social...

Event Series | Video | Institutions, Organizations & Growth

David Dodge CIFAR Lecture Series: Phishing For Phools

To honour David Dodge’s extraordinary contributions to Canada and his visionary leadership as Chair of CIFAR’s Board of Directors, a...

News | Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being

Leaving the boys behind

Girls are outperforming boys academically in the United States largely because they have more ambitious expectations for the future and...

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