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News | Learning in Machines & Brains

Computers recognize memorable images

Why do some images stay fixed in our memories, while others quickly fade away? Researchers have developed a deep learning...

News | Learning in Machines & Brains

Computers learn by playing with blocks

When an infant plays with wooden blocks, it’s not just playing – it’s also learning about the physical world by...


Neural networks advances improve machine translation

Breakthroughs in machine translation using neural networks have improved our ability to translate words and sentences between many languages. Researchers...

News | Quantum Information Science

‘Quantum repeaters’ could extend secure communication

Scientists have proposed a new method to transmit secure quantum communication across longer distances. The next generation of cryptography has...

News | Learning in Machines & Brains

Computer model generates automatic captions for images

CIFAR fellows have created a machine learning system that generates captions for images from scratch, scanning scenes and putting together...

News | Learning in Machines & Brains

Computers learn to recognize human pose

Scientists have developed a new way for computers to see and understand human body pose in videos. The algorithm developed...

News | Institutions, Organizations & Growth

Gossip is key to economic outcomes

The best way to spread information through a community is by way of the village gossip, according to a study...

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