News | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Newly discovered phytoplankton groups appear to favour warmer oceans

An international research team has discovered two phytoplankton groups – unlike any known species – in climate-sensitive areas around the...

News | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

First photos emerge of elusive marine predators

A global team of CIFAR researchers has captured the first images of a microbe that is one of the most abundant predators in the ocean, yet has until now remained unseen.

News | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Surprise third party found in lichen symbiosis

Since the discovery of their true nature 140 years ago, lichens have been the poster children for symbiosis. In the...

News | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Coral reefs face harmful vicious circle

When coral reefs begin to degrade, they enter a feedback loop in which runaway algal growth feeds harmful bacteria that...

News | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Fungi used in bio-fertilizer reproduce through sex

Researchers have dissected the genetic makeup of a fungus used as fertilizer in organic farming, which could help produce better...


How Long Before Our Cities Are Underwater?

We’ve all seen the impact that rising sea levels can have on the planet – it’s one of the most...

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