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Announcement | Gravity & the Extreme Universe

CHIME: New Canadian telescope will map largest volume of space ever surveyed

A Canadian telescope with unprecedented abilities to image the sky and capture signals from space was unveiled on September 7th...

Symposium Debrief | Cosmology & Gravity

Symposium Brief: Untangling the Cosmos

On May 17, 2017, CIFAR, in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre, held a day-long symposium called “Untangling the Cosmos:...

News | Cosmology & Gravity

Third detection of gravitational waves

The first detection of gravitational waves has been compared to opening a new window on the universe. With the third...

Video | Cosmology & Gravity

Pulsars – Perfect Clocks for Physics

Associate Fellow Scott Ransom discusses pulsars at the Untangling the Cosmos Symposium.

Video | Cosmology & Gravity

Gazing at the Cosmos… From 6,800 Feet Underground

Senior Fellow Mark Chen‘s presentation at CIFAR’s Untangling the Cosmos Symposium.

Video | Cosmology & Gravity

The Extreme Universe

An introduction to the fourth panel at Untangling the Cosmos. 

Video | Cosmology & Gravity

Astrophysics from the Stratosphere

Barth Netterfield, senior fellow in the Cosmology & Gravity program, presents at the Untangling the Cosmos event.

Video | Cosmology & Gravity

Ripples of the Universe; Gravitational Waves

Senior Fellow Luis Lehner presents at CIFAR’s Untangling the Cosmos Symposium.

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