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Case Study | Child & Brain Development | Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being

The Value in Assessing the Impact of Knowledge Mobilization Activities

On June 4th, 2015, CIFAR convened a roundtable with Dr. Charles Nelson and Toronto-area community and government leaders to discuss...

Case Study | Child & Brain Development

Understanding how childhood factors shape healthy lives

The idea that economic status, education and childhood environment have a lifelong impact on health and development is now a...

Case Study | Learning in Machines & Brains

Making artificial intelligence an everyday reality

One of today’s most exciting areas of artificial intelligence research focuses on “deep learning”. This case study outlines the critical...

Case Study | Genetic Networks

Discovering how genes interact to produce autism

By working in interdisciplinary teams, researchers are able to shape new frameworks of understanding. This case study shows how the...

Case Study | Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being

Finding new ways to measure community well-being

CIFAR fellows, advisors and post-docs have helped to assemble a critical mass of research that provides a new way to...

Case Study | Child & Brain Development

Sharing the science of early childhood development through an online learning tool

The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) is an online resource for child development knowledge users that was started collaboratively...

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