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CIFAR recommendations to the Advisory Panel on the Review of Fundamental Science

    Read CIFAR’s recommendation to the Advisory Panel on the Review of Fundamental Science. The review was launched June...


The next generation of research excellence

Early career researchers are vital for scientific progress and advances in scholarly activity. They tackle questions with new eyes, and...


Visionary philanthropy drives innovative research

Philanthropy is the life-blood of CIFAR. It is thanks to philanthropists – individual and organizational – as well as generous...


President’s message: Renewing our vision for the future

CIFAR 2.0 During my first nine months at CIFAR, I have had the great pleasure of meeting with many members...

Bio-inspired Solar Energy | Commentary

Canada’s role as a clean tech research leader

Last month I met with Dr. Mario Molina, the chemist who more than 40 years ago made the Nobel Prize-winning...


Building the next generation of research leaders

Early career researchers are essential for science to progress. Young people are fearless, and they bring the ingredients essential for...

Cosmology & Gravity | Commentary

Making waves in interdisciplinary research

One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein predicted that gravity could propagate in the form of gravitational waves, bending the fabric...


Beyond excellence

Over the holidays I read an excellent book by Peter MacKinnon, past president of the University of Saskatchewan. During his...


Ten CIFAR highlights from 2015

Despite some of the recent events around the world, 2015 has been a great year for research. In Canada, a...

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