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EEG in the Wild

What if we could track our brain activity the same way a smart watch tracks our heart rate? But instead...

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Open Call for Participants: CIFAR Forum on the Well-Being of the World’s Children

CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) is holding a Forum on the Well-being of the World’s Children, November 17-19, 2016...

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The secret of our success

In 1845, Sir John Franklin set off with two fully equipped ships in search of the Northwest Passage. Three years...


Knowledge you can act on

 Ending poverty was at the top of Lucenia Ortiz’s mind when she attended a CIFAR event about the power of...

Feature | Integrated Microbial Biodiversity

Healthy Oceans

Last April, Patrick Keeling and Forest Rohwer were driving back to their hotel after a long day of diving off...


The psychology of tyranny

In December 2001, 15 men volunteered to participate in social science experiment. When they turned up, they discovered that they...


Childhood well-being

In November, CIFAR will hold a Forum on the Well-Being of the World’s Children, bringing together researchers, institutions and other...

Feature | Cosmology & Gravity

Circles in the sky

A mid–20th-century woodcut based on 19th-century mathematics provides a surprisingly accurate illustration of how our universe may have begun. The...

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