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Learning in Machines & Brains | Recommended

Scientific American | Springtime for AI: The Rise of Deep Learning

By Yoshua BengioJune 1 2016 Computers generated a great deal of excitement in the 1950s when they began to beat...

Quantum Materials | Recommended

Quanta Magazine | The Quantum Secret to Superconductivity

By: Natalie Wolchover February 22, 2016 The energy equivalent of several kilograms of TNT surged into the coil, bathing the...


How Canada reversed the ‘brain drain’

The University of British Columbia is building Jenny Hoffman a hovering nest of concrete: a slab floating on air inside...

Genetic Networks | Recommended

Maclean’s | Researchers herald a game-changer in cancer treatment

by Kate Lunau, Maclean’s Cancer begins when the genes in a cell are mutated, causing cells to multiply like a...

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