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Child & Brain Development | Research Brief

Early childhood adversity may have long-term effects on gene expression

Difficult childhood experiences can often lead to poor physical and mental health later on in life. The signature of DNA...

Molecular Architecture of Life | Research Brief

Vision starts with a super-fast molecular dance

Rhodopsin, a pigment in the photoreceptor cells of the retina, absorbs light that enters the eye, transforming it into the...

Successful Societies | Research Brief

Bridging scientific disciplines requires trust, group identity

Successful scientific networks require collaborators that bring intelligence and expertise. But they also require an emotional connection among collaborators, and...

Quantum Materials | Research Brief

Change of carrier density at the pseudogap critical point of high temperature superconductors

This study aimed at exploring the nature of the critical point of the pseudogap phase of copper-oxide hightemperature superconductors, in...

Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being | Research Brief

Retirees who belong to social groups are happier and healthier

Social planning for retirement may be as important as financial planning. Retirees who participate regularly in organized social groups experience...

Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being | Research Brief

Engaging in group activities slows cognitive decline

Older people who are more socially active tend to have better cognitive health. But certain types of activities and relationships...

Learning in Machines & Brains | Research Brief

A machine learning system generates captions for images from scratch

Caption generation is a fundamental problem of artificial intelligence, one that distinguishes human intelligence – our ability to construct descriptions...

Institutions, Organizations & Growth | Research Brief

Shifting social norms can influence tax evasion

The reason most people pay their taxes has more to do with social norms than the law. When the public...

Genetic Networks | Research Brief

Disease-causing mutations are discovered in unexplored regions of the genome

Transformational new possibilities are opening up for medicine. The human splicing code reveals unexpected insights into the genetic origins of...

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