Institutions, Organizations & Growth | Video

The Local Voices of Globalization

CIFAR has partnered with Research2Reality to capture insights from a variety of our leading fellows. In this video, University of...

Institutions, Organizations & Growth | Video

The Pros and Cons of Lobbyists

CIFAR Fellow Matilde Bombardini studies the effects of lobbying on political decisions. In this video produced by Research2Reality she shares her research,...

Institutions, Organizations & Growth | Video

Creative Destruction Drives Innovation

“There’s always this contradiction that I want to bring new ideas because I want to have glory, or because I...

Learning in Machines & Brains | Video

CIFAR – Artificial Intelligence

CIFAR – Artificial Intelligence from CIFAR on Vimeo. CIFAR Distinguished Fellow Geoffrey Hinton, the world’s leading authority on a branch...

Institutions, Organizations & Growth | Event Series

David Dodge CIFAR Lecture Series: Phishing For Phools

To honour David Dodge’s extraordinary contributions to Canada and his visionary leadership as Chair of CIFAR’s Board of Directors, a...

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