Manulife CIFAR Population Health & Well-being Grant Program  

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Applications Closed - See Announcement of Grants

CIFAR is issuing a targeted call for interdisciplinary research collaborations focused on Population and Public Health related to COVID-19 to spark innovative, high-risk/high-reward ideas and projects. The Manulife CIFAR Population Health & Well-being Grants provide seed funding for time-limited activities. 

These Grants aim to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations that push research boundaries or which address emerging themes within or across CIFAR’s research programs applied to COVID-19. The funds are meant to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and research projects between CIFAR Program Members to study various social, behavioural, and public health-related aspects of COVID-19. 

Sample topics may include but are not limited to: 

  • community-based screening tools

  • public attitudes and engagement

  • effects of social distancing on mental and public health

  • socio-economic stress during the pandemic

  • community health (urban vs rural, gender, cross-cultural comparisons or other intersectionalities)

  • use of virtual care (telemedicine, robotics, etc.) 

  • the situation of healthcare providers and workforce impacts (hospitals, long-term care) 

  • misinformation and equitable access to information

  • ethical issues 

Examples of eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Pilot projects

  • Interdisciplinary projects involving trainees

  • Large-scale, team-based grant proposal development

Proposals should include:

  • Proposals must be submitted jointly by at least two PIs 

  • Submitting applicants must be current CIFAR Program Members

    • Canada CIFAR AI Chairs may apply as collaborators with CIFAR Program members 

  • Title and brief description of the project or activity (1 page, approximately 500 words)

  • Estimated budget not to exceed $50,000

  • Proposed start date of the activity and duration of project.  Projects should be completed by March 31, 2021.

  • Name(s) of co-supervised trainee(s) (if applicable/known)

As applicable to the research proposal, please describe:

  • potential for impact on society

  • potential for understanding an aspect of COVID-19

  • potential impact on career development for trainees;

  • potential outputs

  • further opportunities for interdisciplinary engagement.

For more information:
Rachel Parker, Senior Director, Research
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