Summer & Winter Schools

Idea factories
These intense, multi-day sessions are built for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to learn skills, build networks, and spur new thinking. CIFAR programs may elect to hold a summer or winter school

Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning Summer School (DLRLSS)

With two decades of incubating the best ideas in AI, this week-long intensive is produced jointly through the CIFAR Learning in Machines & Brains program and the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy.

The DLRLSS is held annually and rotates between the three national AI Institutes: Amii, Mila, and the Vector Institute.

Coming: Summer 2020, Montreal

Quantum Materials Summer School

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows discuss the latest topics in quantum materials in this annual three-day event. Trainees must be in the labs of researchers associated with the CIFAR Quantum Materials program or affiliated with partner organizations.

Coming: Summer 2020

The CIFAR Neuroscience of Consciousness Winter School

A unique, four-day event where tomorrow’s neuroscience leaders work closely with world-class researchers studying the neuroscience of consciousness.

Coming: December 2020