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Ami Citri

Ami Citri’s research has two main foci:
1. Defining the mechanisms of selective attention, by which our brain focuses on specific information from the world around us.
2. Once this information has been selected, the Citri lab strives to decipher the detailed mechanisms through which this information is encoded to form memories, and lead to the development of habits, compulsions and addictions.


Inaugural Adelis Foundation Brain Research Award, 2015.

NARSAD (Brain and Behavior) Young Investigator Award, 2013.

Sieratzki-Korczyn Prize for Advances in Neuroscience, 2012.

AXA Research Award, 2010.

Human Frontier Science Program Research Award, 2006.

Relevant Publications

G. Atlan et al., "Mapping Synaptic Cortico-Claustral Connectivity in the Mouse," Journal of Comparative Neurology, 2016.

Y. Goll, G. Atlan and A Citri, "Attention: The Claustrum," Trends in Neurosciences 38: 486-95, 2015.

H. Turm et al,. "Comprehensive analysis of transcription dynamics from brain samples following behavioral experience, " JOVE, 2014.

E. Citri, "Comprehensive qPCR profiling of gene expression in single neuronal cells," Nature Protocols 7:118-127, 2012.



CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar Child & Brain Development


The Hebrew UniversitySafra Center for Brain Sciences and Silberman Life Science Institute


PhD (Molecular Biology) The Weizmann Institute of Science

MSc The Weizmann Institute of Science

BSc The Hebrew University



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