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Photo of Bernhard Keimer

Bernhard Keimer Condensed matter physicist

Bernhard Keimer’s department uses neutron and X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy as well as optical spectroscopy and Raman scattering to explore the structure and dynamics of materials with strong electron correlations. They also develop new spectroscopic methods. Progress in this field requires close collaboration between experimentalists and theorists.


Highly Cited Researcher, Institute for Scientific Information (Thomson Reuters), 2014.

Outstanding Referee, American Physical Society, 2012.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, German Science Foundation, 2011.

Alfred P. Sloan Faculty Fellow, 1996.

Relevant Publications

B. Keimer et al, "Magnetic excitations in pure, lightly doped, and weakly metallic La 2 CuO 4," Phys. Rev. B. vol. 46, no. 21, pp. 14034, Dec. 1992.



Associate Fellow Quantum Materials


Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research


PhD (Physics) Massachusets Institutes of Technology



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