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Photo of Carlos S. Frenk

Carlos S. Frenk Physicist

Carlos Frenk’s research interests span cosmology, large-scale structure, galaxy formation and supercomputer simulations of the formation of cosmic structures. He is a member of the Anglo-Australian ‘2dF’ galaxy redshift survey project, the node coordinator of an EC research network on ‘The Physics of the Intergalactic Medium’, and coordinator of an EC Alfa program for collaboration with researchers in Latin America.


Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal, 2014.

Royal Astronomical Society George Darwin prize, 2010.

Daniel Chalonge Medal from the Observatoire de Paris, 2007.

Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, 2006.

Elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, 2004.

Relevant Publications

J. F. Navarro et al, "A Universal density profile from hierarchical clustering," Astrophys. J., vol. 490, no. 2, pp. 493, Dec. 1997.



Associate Fellow Cosmology & Gravity


Durham UniversityInstitute for Computational Cosmology


PhD (Astronomy) University of Cambridge

B.Sc. (Theoretical Physics) University of Mexico


United Kingdom

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