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Christopher Wiebe

Christopher Wiebe’s research focuses on the synthesis, crystal growth and characterization of new quantum materials, such as new superconductors, frustrated magnets and low-dimensional systems.


Tier II Canada Research Chair in Quantum Materials Discovery, 2013.

PAI award for Excellence in Teaching and Research, 2009.

John Charles Polanyi Prize in Physics, 2005.

NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2004.

Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2002.

Relevant Publications

D. Zhu et al, "Rhodium (II) dimers without metal-metal bonds," Dalton Trans., vol. 44, pp. 13460, 2015.

A. M. Hallas, J. G. Cheng, A. M. Arevalo-Lopez, H. J. Silverstein, Y. Su, P. M. Sarte, H. D. Zhou, E. S. Choi, G. M. Luke, and C. R. Wiebe, "Incipient ferromagnetism in Tb2Ge2O7: Application of chemical pressure to the enigmatic spin-liquid compound Tb2Ti2O7." Physical Review Letters, 113, 267204, 2014.

H. D. Zhou, C. Xu, A. M. Hallas, H. J. Silverstein, C. R. Wiebe, I. Umegaki, T. P. Murphy, J.-H. Park, Y. Qiu, J. R. D. Copley, J. S. Gardner, and Y. Takano, "Successive phase transitions and extended spin-excitation continuum in the S=1/2 triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Ba3CoSb2O9", Phys. Rev. Letters, 109, 267206, 2012.

J. P. Carlo, T. Goko, I. M. Gat-Malureanu, P. L. Russo, A. T. Savici, A. A. Aczel, G. J. MacDougall, J. A. Rodriguez, T. J. Williams, G. M. Luke, C. R. Wiebe, Y. Yoshida, S. Nakatsuji, Y. Maeno, T. Taniguchi, and Y. J. Uemura, "New magnetic phase diagram of (Sr,Ca)2RuO4", Nature Materials, 11, 323, 2012.

H. D. Zhou, S. T. Bramwell, J. G. Cheng, C. R. Wiebe, G. Li, L. Balicas, J. A. Bloxsom, H. J. Silverstein, J. S. Zhou, J. B. Goodenough, J. S. Gardner, "High pressure route to generate magnetic monopole dimers in spin ice", Nature Communications, 2, 478, 2011.



Fellow Quantum Materials


University of WinnipegDepartment of Chemistry


B.Sc. University of Winnipeg

M.Sc. (Condensed Matter Physics) McMaster University

Ph.D McMaster University



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