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Douglas Fowler

Douglas Fowler’s research seeks to answer how changes in genome sequences influence disease risk, prognosis and treatment and how gene expression patterns combine with protein activity to define cellular process like growth, migration and communication by developing new ways to probe the relationship between genotype and phenotype. To do so his lab draws on expertise in genomics, protein science, technology development and computational approaches. For example, his team has developed deep mutational scanning, a sequencing-based, multiplex genetic assay for quantifying the consequences of hundreds of thousands of mutations in a protein simultaneously. Subsequently, they have worked to improve and then apply deep mutational scanning to disease-related genes. As a consequence of these efforts, deep mutational scanning has become widely used, with many labs arsound the world having collectively revealed the effects of millions of mutations in a large number of proteins.  His team has also developed new tools for precisely controlling genome editing, revealing the dynamics of DNA cleavage and repair. Ultimately, Fowlers aims to probe the effect of every possible mutation in the human genome, paving the way for the use of genomic information in the clinic.


New Investigator Research Grant, Alzheimer’s Association

Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award, National Institutes of Health/NIGMS

Harold M. Weintraub Award, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Relevant Publications

L.M. Starita, N. Ahituv, M.J. Dunham, J.O. Kitzman, F.P. Roth, G. Seelig, J. Shendure, and D.M. Fowler, "Variant interpretation: functional data to the rescue," American Journal of Human Genetics, 101, 315-325, 2017.

J.C. Rose, J.J. Stephany, W.J. Valente, B.M. Trevillian, H.V. Dang, J.H. Bielas, J.D. Maly and D.M. Fowler, "Rapidly inducible Cas9 and DSB-ddPCR to probe editing kinetics," Nature Methods, 14(9):891-896, 2017.

K.A. Matreyek, J.J. Stephany and D.M. Fowler, "A platform for functional assessment of large variant libraries in mammalian cells," Nucleic Acids Research, gkx183, 2017.

D.M. Fowler and S. Fields, "Deep mutational scanning: a new style of protein science," Nature Methods, 11, 801-807, 2014.



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