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Photo of Douglas Scalapino

Douglas Scalapino Condensed matter physicist

Douglas Scalapino’s primary scientific interests are superconductivity and magnetism, focusing on the high Tc cuprates and the recently discovered Fe-pnictides.


John Bardeen Prize, 2006.

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1992.

Guggenheim Fellow, 1976-1977.

Elected Fellow of the American Physical Society, 1966.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow, 1964-1966.

Relevant Publications

T.A. Maier et al, "Dynamics of the Pairing Interaction in the Hubbard and t-J Models of High-Temperature Superconductors," Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 100, no. 23, pp. 237001, June 2008.



Associate Fellow Quantum Materials


University of California, Santa BarbaraPhysics Department


PhD Stanford University

B.Sc. Yale University


United States

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