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Frédéric Keck

Frédéric Keck’s research investigates how avian influenza and other zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia impact human relationships with animals. He studies how human domestication of animals gave them contradictory cultural representations. Breeding livestock made food much more abundant and accessible, but it also helped pathogens emerge and thrive. Outbreaks such as avian influenza and mad cow disease show how we must constantly grapple with this tension in food safety policy and public health.


CNRS Bronze Medal, 2011.

Relevant Publications

F. Keck, "Feeding sentinels: Logics of care and biosecurity in farms and labs, BioSocieties vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 162-176, June 2015.

F. Keck, "Liberating Sick Birds: Post-structuralist Perspectives on the Biopolitics of Avian Influenza," Cult. Anthropol., vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 224-235, May 2015.

F. Keck, "L’alarme d’Antigone," Revue Terrain, vol. 64, pp. 3-19, March 2015.


F. Keck and N. Vialles, Des hommes malades des animaux, Paris: l'Herne, 2011.

F. Keck, Un monde grippé, Paris: Flammarion, 2010.

V. Debaene and F. Keck, Claude Lévi-Strauss: L'homme au regard éloigné, Paris: Gallimard, 2009.



Fellow Humans & the Microbiome


Musée du quai BranlyLaboratoire d'anthropologie sociale


PhD (Philosophy) Université Lille III

DEA (Philosophy) University of Paris X-Nanterre

MPhil University of Paris I-Sorbonne

Licence (History and Philosophy) Université Paris I-Sorbonne



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