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Photo of Gene Robinson

Gene Robinson Entomologist

Gene Robinson has made a wide range of fundamental advances in elucidating the endocrine, neural, and genetic regulation of behaviour at the individual and whole-colony levels in honey bees. He has significantly advanced the understanding of the role of genes, hormones, and neurochemicals in the mechanisms and evolution of social behaviour


NIH Pioneer Award, 2009.

Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences, 2005.

Elected Fellow, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2004.

Guggenheim Fellowship, 2003.

Burroughs Wellcome Innovation Award in Functional Genomics, 2000.

Relevant Publications

G. Robinson, "Regulation of Division of Labor in Insect Societies," Annual Review of Entomology, vol. 37, pp. 637-665, 1992.



Advisor Child & Brain Development


University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignDepartment of Entomology and Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology


PhD (Entomology) Cornell University

MS (Entomology) Cornell University

BS (Life Sciences) Cornell University


United States

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