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Jane Jenson Political scientist

Jane Jenson’s current research interests and publications cover a wide spectrum of topics, including: citizenship and especially social citizenship, social policy, social movements, diversity, and gender studies. She is particularly active in the analysis of changes to social policy paradigms in the direction of the social investment perspective in Canada and the European Union. She is frequently consulted on these matters by governments, NGOs and research groups in Quebec, Canada and the European Union.


FEL Priestley Lecturer in the History of Ideas, University College, University of Toronto, 2007.

Fellow, Trudeau Foundation, 2005-2008.

Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Governance, 2001.

Member, Royal Society of Canada, 1989.

Présidente, Société québécoise de science politique, 1999-2000.

Relevant Publications

J. Jenson, "‘Different’ but not ‘exceptional’: Canada's permeable fordism," Can. Rev. Sociol., vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 69-94, 1989.



Associate Fellow Successful Societies


Université de MontréalDepartment of Political Science


PhD (Politial Science) University of Rochester

M.A. (Political Science) University of Rochester

BA (Economics and Political Science) McGill University



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