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Photo of Joel D. Levine

Joel D. Levine Biologist

Joel Levine’s current research focuses on the genetic basis of social interactions in the Drosophila melanogaster fly species. Most of his efforts in the laboratory are focused on synchrony, through the investigation of how biological clocks within the brain and other tissues regulate social interactions; recognition and how individuals can discriminate members of their group from non-members and chemosensory transduction guides social behaviours; pheromonal communication and its influence on social interactions; and interactive phenotypes, or how genetic traits, both inherited or mutated, may influence patterns of social interaction.


Canada Research Chair: Mechanisms and Features of Social Behaviour, 2015.

Relevant Publications

J.C. Billeter et al, "Specialized cells tag sexual and species identity in Drosophila melanogaster," Nature, vol. 461, no. 7266, pp. 987-92, 2009.



Senior Fellow Child & Brain Development


University of Toronto at MississaugaBiology Department


PhD (Anatomy & Structural Biology) University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

BS (Biology) University of Pennsylvania



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