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Photo of Johnpierre Paglione

Johnpierre Paglione Condensed matter physicist

Working in several areas of condensed matter physics, Johnpierre Paglione leads a research effort focused on both sample synthesis and low-temperature experimental measurements of novel materials, including unconventional superconductors, strongly correlated electron systems and topological insulators. His expertise is exemplified by pivotal work on quantum criticality in heavy-fermion materials, the discovery of new superconducting systems, and synthesis and exploration of novel topological insulator materials.


Richard A. Ferrell Distinguished Faculty Fellowship, University of Maryland, 2012.

Relevant Publications

J. Paglione and R.L. Greene, "High-temperature superconductivity in iron-based materials," Nat. Phys. vol. 6, no. 9, pp. 645-658, Sept. 2010.



Associate Fellow Quantum Materials


University of MarylandDepartment of Physics


PhD (Condensed Matter Physics) University of Toronto


United States

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