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Leanne S. Son Hing Psychologist

Leanne Son Hing researches social justice issues relevant to organizational settings that include the following research questions: Are people always aware of their prejudices and how does this awareness influence their discriminatory behaviour? Do people’s opposition to diversity initiatives (e.g., employment equity) stem from concerns about perceived justice violations or from prejudice toward target-group members? How do people in organizational settings come to make unethical decisions and to what extent are authoritarian dynamics between leaders and followers to blame? When people perceive that they have been treated in an unfair manner or that they have received an unfair outcome how does this affect their stress levels and their state of self-esteem?


Elected Member of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, 2009.

University of Guelph Department of Psychology Teaching Award, 2001.

Relevant Publications

D.R. Bobocel et al, "Justice-based opposition to social policies: Is it genuine?," J. Pers. Soc. Psychol., vol. 75, no. 3, pp. 653-669, Sep. 1998.



Senior Fellow Successful Societies


University of GuelphDepartment of Psychology


PhD (Psychology) University of Waterloo

MA (Industrial/Organizational Psychology) University of Waterloo

BAH (Psychology) Queen's University



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