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Martin Blaser

Martin Blaser is interested in understanding the relationships we have with our persistently colonizing bacteria. His work over the past 30 years focused on human pathogens, including Campylobacter species and Helicobacter pylori, which also are model systems for understanding interactions of residential bacteria with their human hosts. Over the last decade, he has been actively studying the relationship of the human microbiome with humans in terms of evolution, persistence mechanisms, host-interactions, and population dynamics. He has been studying extinctions of ancient microbiota constituents, This in turn concerns health and such important diseases as asthma, obesity, diabetes and allergies.


Alexander Fleming Award, 2014.

Infectious Diseases Society of America Oswald Avery Award, 1992.

Relevant Publications

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Advisor Humans & the Microbiome


New York UniversityDepartment of Medicine; Department of Microbiology


MD New York University

BA (Economics) University of Pennsylvania


United States

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