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Photo of Nancy E. Adler

Nancy E. Adler

Nancy Adler’s earlier research examined the utility of decision models for understanding health behaviours with particular focus on reproductive health. This work identified both determinants of consequences of unwanted pregnancy. Her current work examines the pathways from socioeconomic status (SES) to health. As director of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on SES and Health, she coordinates research spanning social, psychological and biological mechanisms by which SES influences health. At the network, she has focused on the role of subjective social status in health.


UCSF Chancellor’s Award for Advancement of Women

George Sarlo Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Outstanding Contribution to Health Psychology Award from APA’s Division of Health Psychology

APA Distinguished Scientific Award for the Application of Psychology

Relevant Publications

N. E. Adler et al, "Social status and health: A comparison of British civil servants in Whitehall II with European- and African- Americans in CARDIA," Soc. Sci. Med., vol. 66, pp. 1034-1045, Jan. 2008.



Advisor Child & Brain Development


University of California, San FransiscoDepartments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics


PhD (Psychology) Harvard University

BA Wellesley College


United States

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