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Nicole M. Fortin Economist

Nicole Fortin’s research interests center on labour market institutions, public policies, wage inequality, gender equality policies and the economic progress of women. Her recent work includes methodological innovations and investigations into the importance of attitudes in shaping economic behavior. She is also interested in understanding the causes and consequences of boys being left behind as girls reach for higher levels of academic achievement.


Mike McCracken Award for Economic Statistics, Canadian Economics Association, 2015.

Minnesota Award, 1996.

Relevant Publications

N. M. Fortin, "The Gender Wage Gap among Young Adults in the United States: The Importance of Money vs. People," J. Hum. Resour., vol. 43, pp. 886-920, Fall 2008.



Senior Fellow Social Interactions, Identity & Well Being


University of British ColumbiaVancouver School of Economics


PhD (Economics) University of British Columbia

MSc (Environmental Sciences) Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

MSc (Operations Research) Université de Montréal

BSc (Mathematics) Université de Montréal



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