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Patrick Hayden Physicist

Patrick Hayden’s research focuses on finding efficient methods to perform the communication tasks that will be required for large-scale quantum information processing. This includes methods for reliably sending quantum states through noisy media, encrypting or otherwise protecting quantum information from unauthorized manipulation, and developing protocols to enable multiple parties to process quantum information with a minimum of communication.

His current fascination with quantum information processing was foreshadowed early; as a high school student, he wrote networking software and graphics code during his summers for an operating systems company with the curiously prescient, if premature, name, “Quantum Software Systems.”


Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Prize, Canadian Association of Computer Science, 2011.

Sloan Research Fellowship, 2007.

Relevant Publications

Fawzi, O., P. Hayden and P. Sen, “From low-distortion norm embeddings to explicit uncertainty relations and efficient information locking”, Journal of the ACM (JACM), 6, 44, 2013.

H. Buhrman et al, "Possibility, impossibility, and cheat sensitivity of quantum-bit string commitment," Phys. Rev. A., vol. 78, pp. 022316, 2008.



Senior Fellow Quantum Information Science


Stanford UniversityDepartment of Physics


PhD (Physics) Oxford University

BSc (Mathematics and Physics) McGill University


United States

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