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Peter Gourevitch Political scientist

Peter Gourevitch’s research lies in the areas of international relations and comparative politics. He specializes in corporate governance systems in a globalizing world economy, comparing the differences in how countries structure companies and their relationships with shareholders. He is an expert on international political economy, with a particular focus on national responses to pressures arising from international trade and economic globalization, trade disputes among countries, and international trade negotiations. Recently, Gourevitch has also studied corporate social responsibility and the relationship between NGOs, regulation and international institutions.


Rockefeller Bellagio Residential Fellowship, 2008.

Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1995.

Relevant Publications

P. Gourevitch, "The second image reversed: the international sources of domestic politics," Int. Organ., vol. 32, no. 04, pp. 881-912, Sept. 1978.


P. Gourevitch, Political Power and Corporate Control: The New Global Politics of Corporate Control. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2005.

P. Gourevitch, Politics in Hard Times: Comparative Responses to International Crises. Ithaca: Cornell Press, 1986.



Advisory Committee Chair Successful Societies


University of California, San DiegoGraduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies


PhD (Political Science) Harvard University

BA (Government) Oberlin College


United States

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