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Photo of Philippe Aghion

Philippe Aghion Economist

Over his career, Dr. Aghion’s research interests have dealt with a variety of economic topics, including contract theory. With Peter Howitt, he pioneered the so-called Schumpeterian Growth paradigm which was subsequently used to analyze the design of growth policies and the role of the state in the growth process. His recent efforts focus on the topics of innovation, governance, and economic growth.


John Von Neumann Award, 2009.

Schumpeter Prize, International Schumpeter Society, 2006.

Robert C. Waggoner Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Yrjö Jahnsson Award in Economics, 2001.

Relevant Publications

P. Aghion et al, "Competition, Imitation and Growth with Step-by-Step Innovation," Rev. Econ. Stud., vol. 68, pp. 467-492, 2001.


P. Aghion and P. Howitt, The Economics of Growth. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2009.



Senior Fellow Institutions, Organizations & Growth


Collège de France


PhD (Economics) Harvard University



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