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Rafael Malach

Rafael Malach’s research aims to uncover the processes that lead to the emergence of sensory perceptual images in the human brain. To that end he combines functional brain imaging using magnetic resonance with invasive electrophysiological recordings, performed for diagnostic purposes in patients. He has made major contributions to mapping human brain areas involved in recognition and perceptual awareness, their principle of organization and the delineation of the hierarchy of visual processing. More recently his work extended to the examination of spontaneous brain activity patterns and their potential role in understanding intrinsic brain functions, spontaneous behaviors and neuro-cognitive biases in health and disease.


Tanenbaum Fellow Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness


Weizmann Institute of ScienceDepartment of Neurobiology


PhD (Physiological Optics) University of California, Berkeley

MSc (Neurobiology) Hebrew University, Jerusalem

BSc (Biology) Hebrew University, Jerusalem



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