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Steven Hallam Microbiologist

Steven Hallam’s lab investigates wild microbial metabolism, utilizing environmental genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics to understand how uncultivated microbes contribute to the biological transformation of matter and energy in nature. At present, they are focusing on reconstructing the metabolic potential of uncultivated microbial groups dwelling within marine sediments and stratified water columns around the globe, where common geochemical gradients support the oxidation of methane and ammonia under anaerobic conditions.

Hallam’s specific project areas include community genome analysis of a near-shore anoxic basin (Saanich Inlet); functional metagenomic analysis of anaerobic methane oxidizing communities; and community proteome analysis of Eel River Basin sediments.


Leopold Leadership Fellow, 2015.

UBC Killam Research Fellow, 2015.

Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2013.

UBC Killam Teaching Prize, 2013.

CSM Fisher Scientific Early Career Award, 2010.

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar, 2007.

Relevant Publications

Hahn AS, Konwar KM, Louca S, Hanson NW, Hallam SJ. “The information science of microbial ecology.” [Epub ahead of print]. Current Opinion in Microbiology. 31, pp. 209-216, 2016.

Armstrong Z, Mewis K, Strachan C, Hallam SJ. “Biocatalysts for biomass deconstruction from environmental genomics.” Current Opinion in Chemistry and Biology. 29, pp. 18-25, 2016.

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Hallam SJ, McCutcheon JP. “Microbes don't play solitaire: how cooperation trumps isolation in the microbial world.” Environmental Microbiology Reports. 7(1), pp. 26-8, 2015.

Gies EA, Konwar KM, Beatty JT, Hallam SJ. “Illuminating microbial dark matter in meromictic Sakinaw Lake.” Applied and Environmetal Microbiology. 80 (21), pp. 6807-18, 2014.

E.F. DeLong et al, "Community genomics among stratified mircrobial assemblages in the ocean's interior," Science, vol. 311, no. 5760, pp. 496-503, 2006.




Fellow Integrated Microbial Biodiversity


University of British ColumbiaDepartment of Microbiology & Immunology


PhD (Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology) University of California at Santa Cruz

BA (Religion & Biology) Sarah Lawrence College



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